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swedish carpets


Swwedish Carpets continues the handcraft tradition with Swedish carpet art, by weaving our carpets by hand.


The wool we use are only sourced from Swedish sheep farms.


The size of the carpets are divided into the older Swedish measuring system 'ell' (aln in Swedish) which was a standard measuring system before the metric system, which was incorporated in 1889. 1 ell is 60 cm, our carpets are 60 cm wide and 180 or 240 cm long.
The older rag carpets from the 1800s and later were called Ell carpets, because they were 1 ell wide and 7 ells long.


The older Swedish measuring units stemmed from the body.
1 ell (aln in Swedish) is the measurement from the elbow to the pinky.
1 inch (tum in Swedish) is the width of a thumb.
1 foot (fot in Swedish) is the length from the heel to the tip of the big toe.


We always weave with the most simple weaving technique, also called 'plain weave', but will also tie the loom for twill.