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swedish carpets

All our carpets are woven by hand and made with natural materials.
The wool yarn for the weft are in the colors natural, black, gray and white.
When we weave with weft made from dyed yarn, it is yarn dyed by plants.
The size of the carpets are divided into the older Swedish measuring system 'ell' which was a standard measuring system before the metric system, which was incorporated in 1889.
1 ell is 60 cm, or 23 5/8 inches, our carpets are therefore 60 cm wide and 1,8 or 2,4 m long.
A carpet that is 60 cm wide is a harmonic measurement for a bedside carpet, or to place carpets side by side which creates a larger area. Narrow carpets are easy to wash, dust and move around.
We can custom make a carpet for different environments in width and length, but our standard collection will always be 60 cm in width and in different lengths.
We always weave with the most simple weaving technique, also called 'plain weave', but will also tie the loom for twill to have the option to weave herringbone.